This set includes:


1x Body: Soviet Sniper Autumn Amoeba Camo Smock by Brickssoldier

High quality 360° UV-printed torso and arms.


Body with Soviet tan and brown Ameba pattern Autumn camouflage smock and pants with hood and face viel.


This camouflage design is often called Soviet "amoeba" pattern was the first mass-produced Soviet camouflage uniform called makirovochnyi kamuflirovannyi kostium or MKK, printed with large reddish-brown amoeba shapes on a light green or khaki background. Introduced in 1938, the MKK (also issued as a one-pieced coverall or makirovochnyi kombinezon - MK) was in service with engineers, snipers, airborne forces, forward artillery observers and reconnaissance units throughout the Second World War. Coloration of the pattern varied depending on the factory that produced it, and there is sufficient evidence to suggest that specific color variants were produced for particular seasons or types of climate. Uniforms in this pattern continued in service sporadically for the next couple of decades, and even longer with reservists and cadets. Derivative patterns were  produced in East Germany a few years after the war. (Soeurce:


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Soviet Sniper Autumn Amoeba Camo Smock

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