This set includes:


1x WW2 Japanese Torso by United Bricks


"During World War 2 the Japanese army gained a lasting reputation for their fanaticism and staunch unwillingness to surrender. Beginning the war with almost unparalleled success, lack of supplies and heavy casualties took its toll and the tide eventually turned against them. Allied successes in battle and the sinking of Japanese shipping cut off vital supplies, which was exasperated by their bitter rivalry with the Imperial Japanese Navy. Despite these setbacks, the Japanese Army fought until the very end against the increasing strength of the Allies, and likely would have fought until the very end had it not been for atomic intervention."


United Bricks is proud to announce this custom printed WW2 double sided torso. This design is made exclusively for United Bricks and is high quality UV printed, this means it will not rub off or fade as it is highly durable. Each one is printed here in the UK at United Bricks HQ to the highest quality which will allow them to be treasured for years to come.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 Japanese Torso by United Bricks

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