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This set includes:


1x WW2 U.S. Tanker Corporal HBT 2nd Pattern Coverall by Brickssoldier

High quality 360° UV-printed torso and arms.

Coverall Color: Olive

Rank: Technical Sergeant

Division Insignia: 1st Armored Division


Specialized uniforms have been designed for tankers. They have become the historic symbols of the Armored Crewmen.

HBT Coveralls were worn by American Tankers throughout most of World War II. Made from herringbone twill (HBT) fabric, the coveralls are roomy, light, and durable. Coveralls keep a Tanker's standard service uniform (when worn underneath) clean from the oils and lubricants that are naturally encountered during tank maintenance. Being of loose fit, they provide better air circulation and comfort when sitting in a hot vehicle all day. As a one-piece garment, the HBT coveralls also streamline the uniform of the Tanker. This gives a better range of motion and less chance of snagging on parts of the tank; this is an important advantage when climbing in and out of hatches in a hurry. 


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 U.S. Tanker Technical Sergeant HBT 2nd Pattern Coverall

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