This set includes:


1x Opel Blitz German WW2 middle-weight truck

Design by BuildArmy.

The truck is made of good quality non-Lego bricks which are fully compatible with LEGO® and other leading brands.  



Opel Blitz (German for "lightning") was the name given to various light and middle-weight truck series built by the German Opel automobile manufacturer between 1930 and 1975. The original logo for this truck, two stripes arranged loosely like a lightning symbol in the form of a horizontally stretched letter "Z", still appears in the current Opel logo.


Opel Blitz was a multi-purpose medium truck that served as workhorse in German army during WW2. It is so ionic that it can be seem in almost every WW2 movies and video games.


• Estimated building time: 1.5 hour.
 Number of bricks: 370 plus extra spare bricks.
 Made of good quality bricks compatible with LEGO® and other brands.
 The truck is minifigure scaled.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Opel Blitz German WW2 middle-weight truck

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