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This set includes:

1x Printed LEGO® Tile 2x3 'Soviet A-7 VHF Radio Transceiver'

Design & Print by Brickssoldier

Printed Tile color: DBG


The Soviet A-7 VHF radio transceiver (later models include the A-7a and A-7b) was developed during World War II and used for communication in rifle brigades and regiments. The complete station was designed to be transported by an individual soldier.


Option 1: Printed Tile Only

Its is not a full set. Only the 2x3 printed tile is included. All other bricks are not included.


Option 2: Full Set

Full set includes:

- 1x Printed Tile 2x3 'Soviet A-7 VHF Radio Transceiver'

- 12 Lego pieces dark grey / black / olive


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

Printed Lego Tile 'Soviet A-7 VHF Radio Transceiver'

Artikelnummer: 929
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