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A new Brickssoldier Special !

WW2 German 10x80 Flakfernrohr Binoculars

Custom product handcrafted by Brickssoldier

Designed in cooperation with Woody64


2 Versions are available:

- Panzer Grey with wooden tripod

- Tan (DAK) version with wooden tripod


Important notes:

- Complains of broken parts will not be accepted


In 1936, Emil Busch AG of Rathenow won a contract to produce a 10x binocular for air observation for the German military. Leitz and Möller each produced competing prototypes, but the Busch model was chosen for its lighter weight (6.5 kg vs. 9.25kg for the Möller and 8.5kg for the Leitz) and greater field of view (131m at 1000m vs. 105m/113m for the Möller/Leitz models). Production began soon afterwards and continued through the war, when the Busch design was also produced by other firms in Germany and occupied Poland. The markings of the different factories are listed in the following section. All models have identical optical systems: 80mm cemented achromatic objectives with 280mm focal length, 70-deg eyepieces, 45-deg Schmidt roof prisms. Due to allied bombing, the 10x80s were primarily used for identifying attacking aircraft and directing the large 4m rangefinders, searchlights and cannons of the anti-aircraft batteries around German cities. They also proved useful on the battlefield, and a version with 20-deg inclined eyepieces was produced for use at sea. A single half of the 10x80 binocular served as Z.F. (Zielfernrohr) 10x80, a sight for the 8.8cm artillery (Source:


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 German 10x80 Flakfernrohr Binoculars

WW2 German Flakfernrohr
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