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WW2 Polish Army Four-Cornered Cap (Rogatywka) with printed eagle emblem

Design and printing by Brickssoldier

Color: TAN


Rogatywka (sometimes translated as peaked cap) is the Polish generic name for an asymmetrical, peaked, four-pointed cap used by various Polish military formations throughout the ages. It is a distant relative of its 18th-century predecessor, konfederatka (because of use by members of the Bar Confederation), although similar caps have been used by light cavalry since the 14th century. It consists of a four-pointed top and a short peak, usually made of black or brown leather. Although rogatywka (derived from róg which means horn or corner) in English seems to mean the same as czapka, the word 'czapka' in Polish designates not only rogatywka, but all caps (not hats).


It usually comes in two variants: the hardened and soft version. The hardened model, based on the rogatywka Mk. 1935, olive green with black peak, is used in full gala uniforms, while the rim colour marks unit type (for example, navy blue - typical, crimson - military police, green - artillery, and so on). It was not worn during most of the People's Republic of Poland era but was reintroduced for ceremonial wear by the Honour Guard Company in 1983. The soft version was used before World War II and during the People's Republic of Poland period for garrison dress; it was withdrawn after 1990.

Polish soldiers, unlike in most militaries, decorate caps not with the emblem of their corps, but with their service's version of the Polish military eagle. The military eagle insignia is based on an early 19th-century design, comprising a modified White Eagle (from the Polish coat of arms) perched atop an 'amazon shield'.


Source: Wikipedia


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 Polish Army Four-Cornered Cap (Rogatywka) with printed eagle emblem

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