WW2 Polish Helmet wz.40 of the 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division (1 DP)

BrickArms helmet with printed polish Piast eagle (Kurica) 

Design and pad printing by Brickssoldier.


The Polish 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division (Polish: 1 Polska Dywizja Piechoty im. Tadeusza Kościuszki (1 DP) ) was an infantry division in the Soviet-organized Polish armed forces (as opposed to the existing Anders Army) formed in 1943 and named for the Polish and American revolutionary Tadeusz Kościuszko. It was the first division formed of the First Army (Berling Army), and of what later became the post-war Polish Armed Forces (Ludowe Wojsko Polskie) after defeating the Nazi regime and its collaborators and liberating Poland.


This set contains small parts and is not intended for childern under 3 years.

WW2 Polish Helmet 1st Infantry Division (1 DP) with Piast Eagle

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